Your Workday Photos Make A Blog Come Alive

When it comes to creating a fantastic blog, there is a need to focus on how the blog looks, as well as how it reads. The text is the most important thing, but if you don’t have great looking images to make the page more appealing, there is a strong chance that people will not pay much attention to your content.

If you have grown weary of stock photos, you are not alone. These images have a big part to play in the blogging community, but when you see the same images on so many different websites, the overall impact lessens.

One solution to this problem is to take and share your own photos on your blog, and at Agent Blogs, we thoroughly recommend this approach. There are many reasons why this style of content works well, and even better than stock photos.

Also, given the standard of smartphone technology, most people have a camera that is more than suitable in their pocket. Therefore, if you want to stand out for all the right reasons, take some photos of yourself and team hard at work, and see how this boosts your blog.

Original content has a big impact

Before we even talk about the impact original photographs have on people viewing your blog, original content is likely to have a positive impact on search engines. When you have content that no one else has, and you label it in the correct manner, you send out a positive signal about the state of your content.

The search engines want to find the best answers for searches, and they also want to help people to find content that cannot be found anywhere else. By creating and sharing original content, you might find yourself placed in front of more people.

Showing Behind The Scenes content develops trust

In recent years, social proof and trust is vital, and people want to see what businesses do, and how they achieve results. This means Behind The Scenes footage is vital, and often far more effective than a polished photoshoot.

Something simple like your team hard at work, perhaps standing in front of a local map showcasing the area you cover, says a lot more than a staged photograph in your local area. People like to connect with people, and by seeing you and your team in full flow, it allows people to see what you would do for them.

Showing your personality and people helps people connect

You will also find that casual work-based photographs have a big impact on getting likes and shares on social media. Many estate agents have found candid snapshots over a cup of tea or perhaps with a pet in the office enjoy far more engagement than the latest property listing.

These snapshots appeal to everyone, while a property listing is likely only appealing to people with a specific interest in that property or area. While property listings are the backbone of what you do, and far more likely to win you new business or make a sale, when it comes to the overall engagement and building awareness of what you, fun scenes showcasing your time in lighter moments are of considerable benefit.

You can emphasise your local presence with original photos

If you are an estate agent operating in a local area, you want to emphasise these local roots. A brilliant way you can do this is by taking more photographs of the surrounding areas. Even if you are keen to retain a sense of privacy in your life, there will still be plenty of chances to take photos when you are out at work or in the streets around the office.

You get more attention with localised content

Photos of your local surroundings have a huge impact on social media. This is because when someone sees a location they know, even when scrolling through their timeline, they will stop and pay attention.

Anything which stops people scrolling and has them looking at your content is a great thing, and this is why local content works so well. Again, you don’t have to rely on stock footage when you can create and share local images of the places that you see and love every day.

If you take images of local shops and businesses, and then tag them into the photo, you will often find they are happy to share this content from you. This gives you a greater chance of connecting with people in your audience, so you can develop a larger following with not much work or effort.

Contact Agent Blog to add a personal touch to your content

At Agent Blog, we know the importance of good blog content, and how this can have a huge impact on search engines and people. However, the power of text is not enough, and you should be looking into creating and sharing images that connect with people.

Content that relates directly to you, or the local area will help you, and placing these on your social pages and blog will make a massive difference in the way people view your content.

If you want to learn more how workday photos can make your social media pages and blog content come alive, please contact Agent Blog today.