Your Blog Speaks For You 24/7

When it comes to achieving business success, there aren’t enough hours in a day to achieve everything you want. It is important you focus on core tasks and do the things you are good at and which deliver the best results, as opposed to trying your hand at everything.

It is also helpful to use things or carry out processes which provide you with benefits, even when you aren’t there. If you have a physical store, your shop needs to be open for people to get the full benefit. You might be fortunate enough that there is passing foot traffic so that even when you are closed, passers-by can see what you offer in the window. This might lead to future sales.

Of course, a website is far more effective when it comes to connecting with people at every time of day or night. Whether you are working, sleeping, on holiday or just busy with other tasks, your website is ready to welcome people and hopefully help you make sales.

Your website replicates your shop, and allows people to browse and make purchases. However, it doesn’t automatically give people insight into you, or what you offer.

If you have a bubbly or persuasive personality that customers love, a standard website isn’t going to replicate the energy and excitement you offer which helps you make sales. For people like this, you need to put something of yourself into your website, and this is why having a blog is perfect.

Your blog speaks for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you create a good blog that is true to you and which represents you in an appropriate manner, it is much easier to connect with possible clients.

Is blogging still worth it?

Absolutely, blogging is still worth it in 2021, blogging will be worth it in 2022 and for many years to come.

The benefits of blogging for your business include:

  • You can educate people about yourself, what your products or services do and what benefits you offer
  • A blog provides your business with exposure and provides new opportunities for Google to recognise you
  • A blog post allows you to develop authority in your industry and become a trusted source for search engines and customers
  • Good blog content will rank in search engines, helping people to find you
  • Blog content is the platform for social media posts and sharing your work with others
  • If you research your blog, you will develop a better understanding of your business or local area
  • Blogging allows for two-way communication, which helps you enjoy feedback and insight from website visitors

With all these benefits, it is easy to see blogging is still worth it, but only if you do it right and well.

Is there a future in blogging?

Hopefully the last section covered that there is a future in blogging, but it is easy to see why some people want reassurances about blogging before committing to it.

As with most things in life, blogging is an endeavour that pays off the more you do. The more blogs you write, the easier the writing process will become. The more feedback you get, the better your understanding of what people want from you. Also, if you have analytical tools in place, having more blogs allows you more chances to see what works for you.

If only for the search engine impact, blogging remains a viable activity for businesses, and it will remain so for some time to come.

You should consider your blog content as the bedrock of what you do, and use this work to create other content.

A well-constructed blog post can be:

  • Shared on social media
  • Used as the platform to create images, infographics, presentation slides, handouts and more
  • Used as the video script or main content for video material
  • Used as the script or main content for audio material such as podcasts

If you only consider your blog content as the text on a page, you might wonder if it is worth the time, effort or outlay.

However, if you consider your blog content as the research and writing of all the pieces of content listed above, it becomes a more viable project.

The future of blogging might lie in repurposing the content for as many uses as possible, but the blog remains central to your communications. The blog post itself will also act as a strong anchor to links coming from social media and other sources.

What is your brand and business identity?

Now that you know blogging is worthwhile and that it is here to stay for some many years to come, it is time to work out how best to use your blog.

As you want your blog to represent at all hours of the day and night, you want your blog to be as close to the real you as possible. If your real-life personality is bubbly and cheery, and this is a big part of the relationship you hold with customers, your blog needs to be the same.

If you can write in the way you speak, you will represent yourself honestly, and this will make sure existing customers recognise you. If you create content that sounds like you, your existing clients will read it with your voice in their heads, and this creates a level of authenticity that is worth its weight in gold.

Similarly, your blog must remain true to your business identity.

If you believe in selling goods or services at a high price, believing there is value for money in delivering great quality, your blog needs to be along similar lines. If your blog extoled the virtues of a low-price service, making itself available to as many people as possible, you will send out a mixed message that might confuse people.

Therefore, before you start writing your blog, it is helpful to know what your business identity and philosophy is, and this should be a guide to the content you produce.

Who is your audience and what do they want from you?

Not only is it vital for your blog to recognise you and what you want to say, it must recognise your audience and what they want to hear.

If your customers choose you because they trust you, your website needs to be one that builds on and expands on this trust. If you offered website content that was light-hearted and focused on selling items for cheap, an audience that expects you to be trustworthy and genuine would be confused about what was on offer.

Knowing what people search for when they find a site like yours is helpful. If you create content that meets these needs, you will perform better on search engines, and you will connect with people who are likely to buy from you.

Combining what you want and what your customers need is crucial to blogging success. You can’t be everywhere so your blog is crucial in making sure interested parties can learn about you and what you offer at any time of day or night.

Do you need help creating blog content that speaks for you?

At Agent Blog, we love blogging, and we know many people or firms don’t have the time or energy to create the blog content their business deserves.

We have helped many businesses find their voice, and share it with the world. The right approach for one company might be the wrong approach for another. Thankfully, we have worked with many companies, and we take the time and effort to develop content that is tailored to their business needs, and what customers want.

If you would like to deliver blog content that helps you present yourself around the clock without overextending yourself physically, contact Agent Blog today.