Why write about local house prices and rental yields for your Agency

There are many things that your agency can write or talk about, but you’ll find that creating content based on local house prices and rental yields is an excellent idea for your agency. People who are keen to use your services will have an interest in local house prices and rental yields, so it makes sense to provide people with what they know while aligning yourself to these services.

Another strong reason for writing about local house prices and rental yields for an agency is the SEO benefits. When you write about these topics, you send a clear signal to Google that you understand the local property market and that you are offering relevant and fresh content. If you do this on a regular basis, it is likely that you will be viewed as an expert in your field, and the leading search engines want to promote firms with an authority, so this will help you to rank higher.

Show that you know the local market

On a very basic level, writing about local house prices and rental yields indicates that you know about the local market. This is hugely important. An estate agent needs to understand the local market, they need to know what is on offer and they need to know the people who are interested in making a move here. Anything your agency can do to indicate you are connected to the local area and that you understand the area will be positive for your business.

When you write about local house prices and rental yields, you’ll find that you don’t just list the prices and move on. This information is a platform to discuss the housing market, and this is where you can differentiate yourself from other local estate agents. Discuss the aspects behind the figures and provide insight into why prices are like this or why this may be the ideal time to make your move.

Talk about why the figures and prices are what they are

Showing that you know the figures but that you also understand why the figures are what they are will mark you out as a local estate agent that can be relied upon, which must be positive for driving traffic to your site and gaining instructions.

On a commercial level, writing about house prices and/or rental yields creates a platform for you to promote your services. While excellent quality content should offer value to your audience and you don’t want to sell and promote with every post, you do need to retain a commercial outlook in what you do. If people have an interest in these prices and they wish to follow up this interest by speaking with an expert, you have the chance to provide a link that will ensure people contact you and ask about your services.

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