Why Estate Agents should be story telling?

If you are thinking about the best way to connect with your audience, it is always best to tell a story. Throughout history, stories haven’t just been used for entertainment, they have been used to inform, educate and create connections between people. As an estate agent, it is essential that you get your message across to your audience in an effective way and telling a story is likely to be more effective than straightforward selling.

One of the most important things about telling a story is that people want to connect with other people and other business. If you provide a straightforward marketing piece about what you do, it will interest people looking for your services, but it won’t excite them, and it may not them help them differentiate between you and all the other estate agents in the local area.

Telling your story works for estate agents

It is important to remember that you have a story to tell, and it could include:

  • Why you wanted to work in the estate agent market
  • Instances where you have helped people
  • Times when you overcame diversity
  • Your history with the local area

When you play upon these aspects, you create a platform that makes it far more likely that people will connect with you.

You will also find that telling stories makes it easier for people to understand what you do and how you can help. It is very simple for people to put themselves into a story, which is why firms should tell stories about the work that they have carried out.

Rather than saying you help families find the home that lets their family grow, tell a story about how you have helped families in the past achieve their property aims and ambitions. Your audience will read the story and then think that if you can do this for other families, you can also do it for them.

Think about how you engage with stories that you read. Quite often you transpose yourself into the book or novel. This is the impact that a property market story can have on your audience, with clients seeing themselves as the family that sold their home for a great fee as opposed to this being a story about someone else.

Be the hero in your story

There is also the fact that many stories have heroes, and in a sense, you want people to think of you as their property hero. Not all heroes wear capes but if it is your skills, experience, diligence and quality at work that helps a person or family sell their home or move into their ideal property, you will have played a massive role in their life.

Every estate agent, no matter their size or experience, has a story to tell. Telling a story helps you connect with your audience in a more genuine and tangible way, more than any marketing campaign could do. Therefore, if you want to win instructions and be seen as a reliable estate agent, tell your story and at Agent Blogs, we are here to help.

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