Turn your blogs into vlogs for maximum exposure

If you have blogs on your site, congratulations as blogs are an important feature in drawing traffic to your site and engaging your audience. However, if you are using blogs, did you know that you can get a lot more from this content by turning them into vlogs? If you are unaware of what is a vlog is, it means a video blog, and you can turn your blogs into vlogs for maximum exposure.

People want to see video content. Smartphone technology and internet connectivity have improved so much in recent times that watching video content is extremely easy. There are many statistics that prove that video content is in high demand and is on the rise, but everyone is likely to have anecdotal evidence about how people use their phones and how video content is an essential component of everyday life.

People are more likely to engage with video content

A strong reason why a vlog is likely to offer greater exposure than a blog comes with the connection that people receive with the vlog content. Whether you have someone visibly on screen or you use a voice-over, this style of content will create a stronger link than the link that is created by someone reading content from a webpage.

Blog content, in its traditional form, is still important and can help many people find and engage with your estate agency but you’ll find that video content is far more engaging.

There is also the fact that when you create a video blog, you have a chance to break the content into smaller video clips. The main or full-length vlog can be hosted on your site, but you can create smaller vlogs or soundbites that are ideal for social media.

This may provide the user with all they need, but you may also find that these shorter video clips act as a trailer for the full-length video on your site. In this way, the shorter video clips help to increase traffic to your site, which can only be of benefit.

Vlogs can be created quickly and cheaply

You need to be aware that everyone has their own preferences for how they consume content, but the statistics behind the increasing demand for video content cannot be overlooked or ignored. You don’t need to spend a lot of money creating vlogs, as the technology behind smartphones which increases demand for video content also provides firms with the opportunity to make video clips of sufficient quality to engage an audience.

There is also the fact that you don’t need to write additional content if you have already written a blog or had a blog created for you. This saves time and it allows you to repurpose your content, gaining more utility and value from the content. Again, whether you buy blog content or create it yourself, getting more use out of piece is going to be of benefit to an estate agency, and given that it will give you more chances to connect with your audience, vlog content must be regarded as a positive thing.

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