Show your expertise with these awesome content ideas for your Agency

You know that your agency needs great content to drive traffic to your site and persuade people that you are a reliable firm, but where do you begin with content? Many people suffer from a sense of feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finding content but at Agent Blogs, we are here to assist you.

We provide fresh, regular and relevant content for a wide range of clients and we continually come up with fresh content ideas for agencies. Here are some of our top areas to consider if you want to deliver fantastic content to your audience.

Interview videos with clients

In the present day, social proof and genuine customer reviews are essential. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get testimonials from clients and if you can capture these on video, all the better. When prospective new clients see what existing or previous clients say about you, they will feel more confident about choosing you.

Information videos – such as how to’s or tips

People are always looking for information and if you provide actionable advice, you will be regarded as an expert or trusted source in your field. Offering advice on how to present a home for sale or how to apply for a mortgage is a great way to connect with your audience while providing them with information that they need to know about.

Market news, prices and updates

The state of the market may not always be too impressive, but it is always important. Show that you understand the local market by offering updates, price information and insight into how the market is behaving and what is likely to happen next.

Review local businesses, amenities and facilities

A good estate agent doesn’t just sell homes, they sell the local area. Knowing the local area and having local knowledge is essential for an estate agent, so make sure you create content that shines a light on what the local area has to offer.

Showcase properties that you have listed

If you have homes for sale, make sure people know about them. Create content about these homes, provide the relevant details and highlight the strong points or features that people will likely love about the property.

Live video content is very popular these days

You’ll find that live video content is hugely popular these days, and you should take the opportunity to create videos that promote your firm, showcase properties, showcase your staff and highlight fantastic aspects of the local area.

Offer insight into your firm, your team and what you do

Another great idea for content is providing insight into who your firm is and what they offer. This will help to create a connection with your audience and this may be the factor that ensures people choose you as opposed to a rival estate agent.

Hopefully, the above content ideas will get you started, but if you are looking for other areas where you can create content that is of interest to your audience while remaining relevant to what you offer, here are some more ideas:

  • News or guidance about the mortgage market
  • Focus on upcoming community events or review previous community events
  • Run a Q&A session, ask for questions and then answer them
  • Offer property reports
  • Talk about famous homes or buildings in your area
  • Comment on any celebrity gossip that has a property related angle

No matter what aspect you want to focus on or what you think is best for connecting with your audience, we are here to ensure that you engage in the most appropriate manner.

Agent Blogs UK can write on all property subject matters for your Estate & Letting Agency business.

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