Show You Know the Latest Regulations in Your Area

There are many reasons why people turn to a local estate agent, but knowledge of relevant regulations will always be an issue. There will be regulations that affect the entire country, but many parts of the country also have regulations that are only relevant in the local area. Reliable nationwide estate agents should be aware of local issues and matters when they represent clients, but should vendors and buyers put their faith in them?

Consider the importance of property transactions, people want support from an expert that understands the market and who will make informed decisions. Therefore, if you are an estate agent looking to gain instructions from buyers and/or vendors in your area, it is vital that you prove you are a trusted source that knows and understand the local market.

Give prospective clients the answers they are looking for

There are many ways you can do this, but blog content is a tremendous way to provide answers and guidance. If you want to pinpoint the extent of regulations that impact on property transactions, you can cover them in brief detail, indicating that you are fully aware of how much an agent needs to do, and comply with, in carrying out property deals.

However, you can also focus on individual regulations, or even parts of individual regulations, to show that you are knowledgeable about this matter. Buyers and vendors want to feel confident with property deals, so the more knowledge you can display, the more confident people will be in trusting you with a property deal.

One of the great things about blog content is that it can be evergreen content, being as relevant as long as the Act or regulation in place. Therefore, creating a blog about this matter not only gives you content that can be shared at the time you create, but it can also be referenced and linked to at any point in the future.

Become the go-to expert in your local area

If an issue arises in your local area or the regulation is relevant to a trending news topic, you will have a piece of content that can be referenced quickly. There is also the fact that if any client asks a question about your knowledge or understanding of this area of the market, you will have content that you can direct them towards immediately. With this style of content, it makes sense to pair it with a FAQ page, directing people to an area of your site where they can read more about the matter.

With detailed blog content on regulation, you have an opportunity to create further content. This content can be used for video content, infographics, podcast material and images shared on social media. People want to hire a skilled and experienced estate agent, which means you want to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Creating relevant blog content is the ideal way to achieve this.

If you are an estate agent looking for help in creating relevant blog content that positions you or your company as an expert, trust Agent Blogs and we will be more than happy to help.

Our team of UK writers can write on all subject matters for your Estate and Letting Agency. We find writing about the local property market goes down a treat for vendors, landlords, buyers and tenants. Providing good quality content that your target audience finds of value will gain trust and generate more enquiries.

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