Regular fresh content helps your Search Engine Rankings

There are many aspects to consider in creating content with the intention of achieving strong search engine rankings, but regular fresh content is a must. All the leading search engines prize freshness and relevancy, so if you are looking to place your estate agency on the first page, make sure you are posting fresh and regular blog content, and of course, Agent Blogs is on hand to help.

When you post regularly, you send a signal to Google that you are relevant. Google wants to provide up to date and relevant information to users, so if you are constantly adding fresh content, you will be regarded as a firm that is committed to content and that you provide something new to read on a regular basis.

Google wants to promote authorities in their field

This taps into the fact that Google wants to promote sites and firms that are authorities in their field. By producing regular content related to your industry, you will be seen as a company that can be trusted to engage their audience and who wants to share information.

Another bonus of regular fresh content is that you have something tangible to share on social media. Social media links and presence is another factor that search engines consider when ranking, so if you have fresh content that interests your audience, it can only be a positive thing with respect to ranking higher.

It also stands to reason that the more content you create, post and share, the greater your chances of being found. If you only create one post and don’t share it too often, you must be extremely fortunate to gain much traffic and benefit from your content. However, when you regularly post updated content, you give yourself many chances of being found and connecting with your audience.

Dependability is a factor that matters with search engine rankings

There is also a lot to be said for regularity with content.  If you release a new post every week on the same day, you will start to develop an audience that looks for this content on this day. This should increase your hits on that day and if you regularly enjoy strong hits on a certain day of the week, the leading search engines will start to take notice.

Google, Yahoo and Bing will see that people head to your site on the same day each week, which is another fantastic signal that you offer something of benefit and interest to people. This is what Google wants to deliver, and therefore, you are more likely to receive higher search engine rankings when you post consistently and develop an audience.

At Agent Blogs, we understand the importance of fresh content and we want to help you get as high a search engine ranking as we can. A strong search engine ranking can transform your business, drawing more traffic to your site, and content marketing is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Agent Blogs UK can write on all property subject matters for your Estate & Letting Agency business.

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