Reasons to have your blog on a separate domain name

While having a blog is something that is highly recommended for all businesses, there is a level of debate about where the blog should be located. There are some people who argue that the blog should be hosted on your website but there is also another school of thought. It may be that hosting your blog on a separate domain name will be of benefit to your estate agent business. This is something that you need to consider but if you are looking for reasons to have your blog on a separate domain name, here are some things to consider.

The second domain name may be better for SEO purposes

It is likely that your domain name will be the name of your business. This makes sense because you want people to type your name or for your name to be the first thing that they see when they load up your site. There is an air of authenticity around having your business name as your domain name but when it comes to SEO purposes, this may not be of benefit.

If your business name doesn’t outline what you do or provide your audience with an inkling of what you provide, you may be missing out on potential customers. This is why hosting your blog on a separate domain, which has a SEO focused title, will be of benefit to your business. There are many different factors that impact on SEO rankings and the domain name is important. However, there is also the psychological issue to consider.

If a person has a range of options provided to them on a page by Google, they’ll instinctively be drawn to the name of the site and the domain name. This means if you have a SEO focused domain name, you have a better chance of being selected by the person, because you clearly meet the criteria they have when looking for an estate agent.

The SEO and psychological factors associated with a relevant domain name are big reasons why you should consider hosting your blog on a separate domain.

You may want to develop a certain image or identity on your blog

One really good thing about your blog is that it allows you to create an image or identity for your business. However, if you want to show that you have a fun side, but you don’t want this to be too prominent on your main website, hosting your blog on a separate domain and then creating content that is less formal or more fun, is the ideal way to showcase both sides of your business.

You can take people to the most relevant page

Another reason to have a separate blog is the fact that it allows you to share links back and forth, which can help strengthen the SEO rankings of your site. Being able to direct people to certain pages for relevant content means that you can provide a tailored service every single time, which may be hard if you only link through to your site. Given that you will likely talk about a number of issues on your social media pages, being able to link to different places means you can always offer a tailored answer or solution to your audience.

When it comes to making the most of your blog, many estate agents will find that hosting the blog on a separate domain will be of benefit.

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