Quality Still Matters Over Length In Blogging

There was a time when the blogging and marketing sector agreed that Google wasn’t that interested in blog content under 400 words, which meant that 500 words became the norm for many people and businesses in the industry.

To be fair, 500 words is a good length. It is long enough to offer the chance to write a beginning, a middle and an end for most topics, and most people should be able to read 500 words without becoming bored.

Therefore, with positive benefits for the writer/producer of the content, and the audience, 500 words isn’t a bad starting point when planning blog content.

What is already ranking for similar searches?

However, depending on your aim, it is easy to see why 500 words on a topic isn’t going to make a mark on the search engines.

If the leading content for a chosen subject or topic requires two or three thousand words to cover everything, it is likely that a 500-word blog post will be overlooked by Google or Bing.

This has led to the situation where many people, and businesses, have decided that bigger is better, and that for posts to rank, the content must cover everything in the smallest detail, answering every possible question or query.

This approach not only helps a business to connect with an audience for a main keyword, there is a strong chance that the content will score well for many related keywords. This will increase the chances of driving people to your site.

In this regard, longer is better, but then again, length for the sake of it is not a smart idea.

Longer content must have a purpose

Longer content only works if each paragraph offers something to the reader and makes sense on a similar topic. You cannot bash out any combination of words and hope that it will lift you to the top of search engine rankings purely because the page is longer than other pages in your chosen sector or industry.

Quality and relevancy are still the benchmark for blogging, and you can answer the question of “how long should a blog post be” by offering the traditional response of “how long is a piece of string”.

In this regard, it makes sense to look at what already ranks in your field. If posts similar to the ones you wish to write are lengthy with a lot of topics covered in one page, you should work to those guidelines.

If the pages that come up when searching for a term don’t have lengthy pages, but still provide a relevant answer or solution, it is likely that the search algorithms prefer this.

Snippets provide insight into what Google is looking for

The presence of snippets, the sections on a Google search page that ask a question and then have an answer available beneath it, is a clear indicator of what Google is looking for. They want questions to answer, and a simple yet succinct answer is likely to be favoured over a long and rambling piece that is difficult for readers to understand.

So, it is helpful for you to write blog content that has a purpose and covers something that people need to know.

If individual answers or ideas can be grouped together, you have the beginnings of a longer post that will cover a lot of words and related topics. If it is just a stand-alone idea, then so be it, if you feel it needs to be shared with your audience, so be it.

Not every post needs to be a smash hit when it comes to drawing traffic to your site. Over time, if you have many posts which answer the needs of a handful people succinctly, you’ll develop a following that looks to you.

Do you need help creating relevant the right content?

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