Keyword Research Is Vital For Good Blogging Outcomes

There is a lot to be said for having fun with a blog post. When you write about a topic you love, the words can fly from your fingertips, appearing on the screen as fast as your brain can spill them out. When you are in this sort of zone, writing blog content is simple, and it is easy to see why many experts in the field advocate the importance of writing about things you love.

If you are writing a blog for fun, or you are looking to pick up some affiliate traffic that brings in some spending money, you can see why people should just start typing and see what flows out.

However, if you are looking to blog in a business sense, there is a need to be more professional and structured with your process. Ideally, you will still have a passion for what you type, but ultimately, you must place greater importance on the end user.

To improve the results you achieve when blogging, you will find keyword research is vital for good blogging outcomes, which you surely want to achieve.

Keyword research allows you to focus and prioritise

If you are inspired and, in the mood, to write, you often feel as though the words are flying out onto your keypad. However, if you aren’t quite enthused, it becomes difficult to know what to write about.

One of the biggest obstacles to blogging is “not knowing what to write about”. By carrying out keyword research, you remove this barrier, and you give yourself a platform to at least start the writing process.

If you feel that you are okay once you start writing, but you need a helping hand to get started, keyword research is likely to be a big factor in achieving success when blogging.

Keyword research ensures you use the correct terminology

When you know a subject well, it might be that you use terms which you’ve developed, or which are common-knowledge within the community. This is fine, but equally, if you are looking to reach people who don’t have your knowledge of a community or sector, you might not achieve the results you want to if you don’t speak with the same terms as your audience.

By researching keywords, you find out the words people use when looking for relevant content. This gives you confidence, and it’s the ideal starting point in generating content that ensures you connect with your audience.

If you aren’t sure about the right business or industry terms, carrying out keyword content is a brilliant way to familiarise yourself with what people are looking for.

With a plan, you can build content and you can link your articles

When you have researched the main keywords on a topic, you have a plan, and this allows you to plan ahead. Knowing the content that people want to read about allows you to create a content schedule, and you can then develop your promotional plan around this.

You should have a cohesive workflow that includes your blog content and marketing activities. With keyword research, you can be sure that you have a plan that also fits with your audience, and this should help you achieve better results.

With a keyword focused plan, you create pages that convert people into customers

You shouldn’t do keyword research for the sake of it. You should carry out keyword research because it will help you connect with your audience, and will hopefully generate sales or help you create an audience.

There should be a point to everything you do, and with sensible keyword planning, you give yourself a better chance of creating content that grabs the attention of your audience, and then converts these people into customers.

Other bloggers are doing keyword research

The New Blogging Statistics for 2021, compiled by Orbit Media Studios spoke with more than 1,000 bloggers.

Their study found that most bloggers undertake keyword research.

  • 15% of respondents said they don’t carry out any form of keyword research when blogging
  • 34% said they carry out some keyword research (relating to 10% to 50% of their posts)
  • 24% said they usually carry out keyword research (around 50% to 90% of their posts
  • 27% said they always undertake keyword research

While it is interesting to know that 85% of respondents said they carry out some form of keyword research, you are more likely to be interested in whether it helps bloggers get results.

  • Of the bloggers who use keyword research on 10% to 50% of their posts, 15% said they achieve better results thanks to keyword analysis.
  • Of the bloggers who use keyword research on 50% to 90% of their posts, 20% said they achieve better results thanks to their research.
  • Of the bloggers who said they always use keyword research for their posts, 37% said they achieve better results.

While this isnt the massive endorsment some bloggers were looking for, there is no denying that those who are committed to keyword research believe that it helps them.

In a competitive marketplace, every advantage is crucial, and it might be that this additional step in the research and writing process is the factor which helps you achieve success.

At Agent Content, we are more than happy to carry out keyword research when creating blogs, and we are sure you will reap the benefits of our hard work and effort.

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While most businesses and firms understand the importance of keyword research, the thought of undertaking the process is off-putting. If you are keen to reap the benefits of tailored keyword research, without putting the time or effort in, we are more than happy to assist you.

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