Key benefits to writing a weekly blog for your estate agency

If you have searched for ways to drive more traffic to your website and generate a greater level of awareness of what you offer as an estate agent, it is likely you will have read that writing a weekly blog makes sense.

This may seem like a lot of work, particularly if you are not a confident writer, but you will find that writing a weekly blog offers several key benefits. Estate agents often struggle to differentiate themselves from rival firms, particularly in a competitive market. However, a weekly blog gives you the chance to set yourself apart from your peers while also informing your audience that you are the ideal firm to help them with their next move.

Writing a weekly blog is great for business

The key benefits of a weekly blog include:

  • A weekly blog will positively impact on your search engine rankings
  • Consistent blog posts generate respect and indicate that you are an authority in your area and industry
  • It is vital that estate agents show they care about an area, and a weekly blog is a fantastic way to do so
  • The research you undertake for your weekly blog will help you be more informed about your business
  • A weekly blog will position yourself as the local expert, developing trust in the communities
  • People will be more confident in recommending you to others because the weekly blog shows you can be relied upon

When you take all these benefits together, you drive more traffic towards your site and because more people are aware of you and you have confirmed you can be relied upon, you will generate more instructions.

Be consistent with your blog content

One of the most important aspects of the weekly blog is consistency. When you generate content at an expected time, more people start to show up weekly to read the content. This sends a positive signal to the leading search engines, which will then boost your rankings, which in turn helps more people to find you.

Search engines want to know that sites can be trusted, and the best way for an estate agent to develop trust is to consistently generate well-written and informative content. If your site draws people to it on a weekly basis, you’ll find that your rankings improve on the back of this consistency. Of course, you then should also benefit from increased shares and links to your site.

Generating more instructions is likely to be the main aim for all estate agents. As much as there is a need to focus on driving traffic, increasing shares and likes or being the leading expert in the local area, ultimately, these aims are pursued because they help to win instructions.

If you believe that writing a weekly blog is the key to being the local expert in your area and winning new instructions, contact Agent Blogs. We are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents generate weekly blogs, and we have had a hugely positive impact on their business.

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