Importance of writing about your local area

If you are an estate agent, there is every chance that you focus on one area or several small areas. Even the nationwide estate agents have regional branches and franchises, which makes sense. While the property market can be referenced for the entire country, the differences from region to region means that national figures have little in common with what is happening at a localised level.

If a prospective client comes to you, they aren’t going to be interested in property prices for the area or how the market is faring in other parts of the country, they want to know local and relevant information that helps them sell their home.

Local matters matter to your audience so they should matter to you

Therefore, you need to be a local estate agent, and this is why there is significant importance in writing about local matters. Here are some major benefits of writing about local matters:

  • Local content sends out the right signal to search engines
  • Local content is more likely to be shared by your audience on social media
  • You need to be regarded as the local expert

These three reasons alone should persuade you of the importance of writing about local matters. When you consistently offer high-quality local content, you will receive an SEO boost. If this helps you to rank highly on the leading search engines, you will drive more traffic towards your site.

What local topics are worth writing about?

You’ll probably know what areas hot topics or critical issues in your local area are, but there are some topics that are always relevant when it comes to informing a local community, including:

  • Planning and development matters
  • Road closures or diversions
  • Major events happening in the community
  • Property prices and rental yields

By offering information and insight into these topics, you will go a long way to giving your audience what they are looking for, and this will position yourself as the local property market expert.

When you have content that is on social media, you will be placed in front of people who are relevant to you. Also, as this content is being shared by people, this will act as a personal recommendation, which means new audience members will pay more attention to the content than if they found it through an advert.

Never underestimate the importance of a recommendation, even if it is just a shared post on social media.

Most importantly though for estate agents is the need to be seen as the local expert in the property market. No matter where you are located, it is likely that the property market is congested, with a lot of professionals looking to gain instructions and clients.

Your clients have a choice to make when it comes to instructing an agent, so you want to stand out from your peers and rivals as much as you can. With every piece of localised content you offer, you create evidence that indicates you understand the market and that you will help your client with whatever they need.

Localised content is crucial for estate agents because, without it, you may come across as a firm that has nothing to offer with respect to local knowledge and awareness. This is the opposite of what your clients are looking for, so create local content and be viewed as the estate agent that can be relied upon.

If you need help in creating local content that speaks to your audience and promotes your firm, you will find that Agent Blogs is here to help. Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you reach your audience.

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