How to generate more property instructions by writing blogs

While an estate agency should have a number of aims for their business, one of the most important is to generate more property instructions. Quite simply, a property instruction is when a seller instructs an estate agent to sell their property on their behalf. This is the basis of most estate agents’ business, and this is why it is essential to generate more property instructions. There are a number of ways that an estate agent can generate more property instructions but the use of a blog is a cost effective and highly efficient method.

A blog shows you are a company that can be trusted

If you want people to choose your estate agent to sell their house, you need to be seen as a reliable and trusted estate agent. The content of your blog goes a long way to shaping the perception of your business and what people think of you. In a highly competitive marketplace, you need to be seen as a company with experience, expertise and the capability to provide your audience with the support they need.

Your blog is a fantastic opportunity to talk about what you offer and why you are the ideal company to provide what property owners are looking for in an estate agent.

You can showcase your local knowledge in your blogs

There is a need for estate agents to have a level of local knowledge, and your blog is a brilliant place to show your knowledge. By talking about average house prices, what the area has to offer, the different types of property available in the area, what facilities are in the local area, schools, transport and other items of interest. There is a lot of information that you can talk about with respect to the local property market, and this is the content that will provide property owners with the confidence that you’ll assist in the selling of their home.

If you can also showcase that you know who the most likely buyers are, this will send the right signals to sellers, while also drawing buyers to your site. When you show that you can bring sellers and buyers together, a property owner will be more likely to enlist your services when selling their home.

Blog posts allow you to share testimonials and previous work

When people are looking for an estate agent to sell their home, they want to see examples of how the houses they’ve sold in the past and what their clients think of them. A blog post which pulls together testimonials while outlining the work that has been carried out on behalf of a client is a great starting point to convince a property owner that you are the estate agent to sell their home.

Good quality blogs are shared and can increase market awareness of your estate agency

One of the most important reasons to create relevant and interesting blogs that people want to read is that it will increase the number of people who see your blog. This is because good quality blog posts are shared and recommended on social media, which means that more people will see your blog posts and what you offer.

This may place your company in front of property owners who hadn’t heard of you before or it may convince property owners that you will be able to present your property to the right people in an effective manner.

A blog allows you to speak directly to your intended audience…and give them a solution

With a blog post, you can create content that is directly aimed at a property owner who is looking to sell their home. These people will have a number of questions that they want answered before they select an estate agent and you can provide them with answers, and peace of mind, which will go a long way to ensuring that you are the estate agent they choose.

It is even possible for potential clients to leave questions on your blog page, or on social media as a follow-up to your content, so this can create a dialogue and conversation between your company and a potential client. If you are a skilled and experienced estate agent, it is often the case that once you begin a conversation with a potential client, you are in an ideal place to tell them why you are the ideal choice for their needs.

Any estate agent that is looking to generate more property instructions and this should be the case for all estate agents, a relevant and informative blog will go a very long way to convincing clients that you are the best professionals for the job. When you need to reach new clients and show that you are the ideal estate agent for their needs, a reliable blog can have a huge impact on the property instructions you receive.

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Ian Watson


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