How Personal Should Your Blog Content Be?

If you are writing a blog for your business, and you hope to connect with customers, you blog must be professional.

This means you should focus on grammar, spelling, and you should create the right tone that matches your business brand.

However, most businesses also understand it is vital for companies to create a personality that showcases the people you have in your organisation.

If you are currently a one-person band, it is easy to bring this personality to life, because it is yours. However, if you are a larger company, it can be hard to come up with a personality that matches everyone, so it is best to think of something that matches what you want to achieve as a company.

Ultimately, people connect with people, and as one of the key reasons to have a blog on site is to connect with your audience, you need to have a personality in your content.

This means your blog content should have an element of personal opinion about it.

How much information is too much information?

Now, just because you want to be slightly personal with your blog doesn’t mean that you need to share every aspect of your audience. There is certainly a thing as “too much information”, and sharing too much of your private life can be damaging for your business, for yourself, and for other people around you.

So, it is probably best to not dwell too much on this side of your life. Instead, you should focus on the topics that matter to your business and your audience, and then inject an element of personality around the core content.

If you are an estate agent and there is a new property development coming to your area, share a personal opinion on it. You might have insight into what this will mean for supply, demand and prices in the local area, and how residents will be affected.

There will be many sites and news outlets stating the news that a new property development is coming to the area, but if you share an opinion on what this will mean to people, it means your content will offer more value to your audience.

Share an opinion on the latest news in your industry

If you are a car dealership, and new laws are passed regarding new support for electric vehicles, it makes sense for you to not only share the news, but to also offer an opinion on what it means to people who switch to this type of vehicle.

People want to be informed, but they also need guidance in how developments will impact on them. As an expert in the field, you are suitably placed to provide guidance and insight into what changes will mean for your audience.

By stating an opinion, backed up by examples or your experience, you provide valuable information for your audience which will help them.

This will then position you as a trusted source in the industry, and people will recognise you as a person.

When the time comes for people to make a buyer decision, or to recommend an expert in this field, it is you as a person they have connected with that they will be far more likely to choose.

In a competitive marketplace, being a known personality, who people turn to, and remember what you said will help you steal a march on your rivals. Great blog content that informs, but also injects an element of personality will go a long way to ensuring people trust you, and what you offer.

Contact Agent Blogs to develop blog content with personality

At Agent Media, we know you need to get many points across with a blog post, but we also know your audience wants to interact with a person. Your business should have a brand, and this should incorporate some element of personality.

In a competitive marketplace, there might not be much of a chance to differentiate yourself from rival firms. However, by showcasing your personality, you show the world you are a person, not just a company, and this might be the element that sees people choose your company rather than any other firm.

If you want blog content that ensures you connect with your audience while showcasing the strength of your personality, contact Agent Blogs today, and we will be more than happy to help you create a blogging plan for success.