Generate more website traffic by writing blogs for your Estate Agency

While there are many reasons an estate agency should have a blog, generating traffic to their website is a key factor. Here are some of the main ways that your blog can generate more website traffic for an estate agent.

Create content that is worth sharing, and people will share it

While some professionals think that you can write anything in your blog and it will help drive traffic to your site, this isn’t the case. You need to provide content that is relevant to your business and audience while also being worth reading and sharing. This means your content should matter to the people you are looking to reach out to.

If you provide good quality content that provides a benefit to your audience, you’ll find that people will read it and share it, which means that more people will come across your blog. When you have more people coming across your blog, there is an improved chance of people moving from your blog to your actual site, so the quality of your content does have an impact on website traffic.

Be consistent with your output

If you want to have regular readers of your blog, it helps to be consistent. This means that you should update your blog at the same time on a weekly basis because this will help to develop your readership. If you take breaks between blog posts, you’ll find that people forget about you or don’t take the time to seek out what you provide.

Always remember to include links to your site

This should be an obvious tip but it is one that is often forgotten about. You want to make the process of landing on your website as simple as possible for your audience, and this means you should provide links. Your audience should be able to move from your blog to your website with just one click. You should also think about the page you send people to on your website. Don’t always send people to your home page, send people to pages that are relevant to the content of your blog or which will help resolve a problem that you have discussed.

Showcase that you are an estate agent that can be relied upon

One of the key benefits of having a blog is that you can shape perception of what your business offers. By providing useful information, you will be seen as a trusted source, and this will make it more likely that people will want to see your website. This is another reason why the content you share on your blog has to be of a high standard or it won’t help you drive traffic towards your site.

Highlight your local knowledge and experience

When it comes to the property market, local knowledge is very important, and people want to see that estate agents understand the area they operate in. Your blog content is a fantastic way to show that you know the local area. By writing about the local market and providing relevant insight into the area, perhaps through the use of average prices, school comparisons or crime statistics, you’ll show that you are a company that knows all about the local property market in the area, and that people can rely on you.

Providing local estate agent content will boost your SEO activities

Writing about the local property market isn’t just good for your audience; it will help improve your rankings on search engines. Local content for the property market sends out the idea signal for search engines about your estate agent business and when people search for the services you offer, you are likely to be listed by search engines, which will hopefully lead to increased traffic for your site.

If you follow these tips with respect to your website content, you’ll find that generating traffic for your site becomes a simpler process.

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Ian Watson


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