Don’t Sell A House – Sell The Benefits Of The Home

Given the competitive nature of the property market, estate agents need to stand out from the crowd, and do a bit more to connect with their audience.

Even when you are selling a home, and it is vital you list the features and aspects of the home, it is vital that you reinforce the benefits of the property. There are benefits to homeownership in general, which you should make clear to the buyer, but there will also be specific benefits related to each and every home on the market.

If you are a skilled and experienced estate agent, you will know certain aspects of a home make it a more appealing choice than a home located streets away or in a different part of the town or city. If you can bring these benefits to the fore, you have a better chance of connecting with the buyer, because you should them how the home will help them.

Know the buyer and tailor the benefits to them

As well as knowing the home and local area, a good estate agent will get to know what the buyer is looking for. In doing so, you are ideally placed to construct a story of what the house has to offer, and why it is the ideal one for that buyer at the time.

A young couple looking to stay active might find a small space as the ideal setting for a home gymnasium. By setting up a home gym, the couple can lower their expenditure on a gym, and they can work out whenever they have the time.

This is the sort of benefit that people might not think of when they see a room, but a good agent will understand the buyer, and they will tailor their pitch to appeal to the right people.

Conversely, if people with a young family are looking at the property, the same space could be an ideal playroom for the youngsters, or perhaps even a home office to ensure there is a separation between home and work-life.

It is the exact same space, but the benefits of this area will differ depending on the likely buyer, and what they want. A good agent will be able to bring out the most relevant benefits for buyers, and if you communicate this in your promotional activities, you can generate more interest in the home.

What do the local amenities and facilities mean?

Another factor you must always consider when selling a home is what is close-by to the home, and how this benefits home buyers.

If there is a dependable bus stop or train station close to the home, this is an obvious benefit to the homeowner. It might help them increase their employment opportunities, it might help them to use a car much less, and it could allow them to enjoy a much more active social life.

Stating that there is a handily located train station is good information for an estate agent to pass on, but if you can help connect the dots as to what the train station really means, you will go a long way to winning a buyer over.

When it comes to a train station close to a home, most people think about their daily commute to and from work. Even with remote working becoming a common feature for many employees, there are still a lot of people looking to travel to and from work.

With a dependable train station close to home, people have more job opportunities, they can plan their day or week in detail, and they can take advantage of longer-term travel cards, saving money.

Similarly, if there is a park or open space close to home, this is good for homeowners, but there are many different reasons to consider why this is good for homeowners.

Anyone with a pet, or who has been thinking about owning a pet, will have a space where they can walk it regularly. People who are looking for a space where they can exercise and remain active will have a space that is ideal for them, and this can save them money on a gym, and it can help them to look and feel better.

Blog posts allow you to talk about these benefits in greater detail

These aren’t the sort of benefits an estate agent would state on a property listing, you have to be succinct and to the point in these messages. However, on your blog, you can talk in much greater detail about why homes in your local area have so much to offer to buyers.

In doing so, you connect with buyers who are looking for pros and cons of the area. You also connect with homeowners looking to sell. These people will know that you have a great understanding of the local area, and that you are well placed to sell your home.

By showing other people the real benefits of a property, you position yourself as a leading expert in the local housing market. This can only help you connect with new clients.

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All agents need to bring buyers and vendors together in the property market, and of course, sometimes this is easier said than done. At Agent Blog, we have worked closely with many estate agents, and we have helped them develop content which showcases the benefits of not only their services, but of a house or local area to the buying party.

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