Does Quality Beat Quantity For Blogs?

With so many sources highlighting the increasing word length of content ranking on the first page of Google for search terms, it is understandable that many people (and businesses) believe that longer is better when it comes to blog content.

This suggests that quantity is the important factor, but of course, this is the answer you might find if you only skim the relevant details.

Yes, the current trend for search engine returns is that longer content ranks higher, but this doesn’t mean that it is quantity for the sake of quantity that is the important thing.

These longer posts are delivering more relevant information to the user, helping people with the issue that led them to search in the first place.

There will be lengthy content ranking lowly

If you were to look through the first five or ten pages of Google results, you will likely find longer pieces of content lower down the rankings. This suggests that the length of content isn’t the only factor that matters, it needs to be content that delivers.

So, by all means prepare yourself to write or order longer articles if you want to make an impact on search engines, but the quality of content will never be less important than quantity.

If you create a blog post on a very limited topic, you might only need a couple of hundred words to say everything that needs to be said.

If you decide to waffle on, you might make it harder for the reader to understand what they should do, or you could introduce topics that veer you away from the issue you wanted to focus on.

This will create a poor user experience, and it will eventually lead to your page being ranked lower than pages which provided a pertinent answer.

Is there a place for shorter content?

Yes, as described above, a blog piece should be about the length of a piece of string; the right length depends on the job that is required.

A short blog post by itself might not bring in a lot of visitors, but if it perfectly answers a question or resolves an issue for one person or a handful of people, you will please these people. This means they will be more likely to trust you in the future, and this could be the start of a business relationship which sees you make sales.

Short blog pieces can also play a role in supporting your reputation with respect to a wider topic. There is a growing sense of awareness about the importance of keyword clusters and topics.

In this approach, it is common to have a central article relating to a topic, and you can go in-depth on this article. However, elsewhere on your site, linking to the main article, you can talk about an individual topic in more detail, or perhaps just giving it space to breathe by itself.

If you had a topic about tying a tie, you could have a lengthy overview of the topic, covering every aspect, but you could also have a single page on each method or process. This means anyone looking for advice on that one approach can find an answer quickly, but also, anyone who wants to read about the topic in greater detail can read as much or as little as they want.

This would be the same for topics on how many ways to cook an egg, or how many ways to take a corner kick in football or any niche topic within a wider area or focus.

Contact Agent Blogs to create the right content

At Agent Media, we understand striking the right balance between quantity and quality is difficult, but it is far from impossible. We are pleased to say we have helped many firms develop a content strategy that pleases search engines, and more importantly, your audience.

Not every blog piece needs to discuss every aspect of a topic, sometimes, less is more when it comes to having the most impact.

If you want blog content that ensures you achieve all these things and a whole lot more, contact Agent Blogs today, and we will be more than happy to help you create a blogging plan for success.