Content for Estate Agents: Consumer Journey

When it comes to planning content or determining if developing and sharing content is a worthwhile strategy for your firm, it often helps to consider the content from your consumer’s viewpoint. When you consider the consumer journey and how this influences their relationship with your firm, you’ll see that excellent quality content that engages your audience can have a huge impact in creating loyalty within customers and in ensuring you draw traffic to your site.

A common starting place for a relationship between a firm and consumers these days is social media, and this is as true for estate agents as it is for any other industry. A person may see your content being shared by others or it may have popped up after undertaking a search. When a user finds your content and is interested in it, they will likely go to your website to read it, and they may read other articles when they are there.

If you have inferior quality content or content that isn’t relevant to the person reading, our relationship will likely end here.

When you offer value, people take note

However, if the user finds your content to be of value, they will start out on a journey with your firm. If your blog post shows your expertise in the local market, it will position yourself as a firm that can be relied upon and this will help you to gain trust with the audience.

This is important because if your consumer starts to trust you, you have the basis of a relationship with them. If someone likes an article or two by you, they will likely follow you, so they can read more content, or they will at least subconsciously consider you to be a firm that is worth considering. When you post content in the future, if the user stumbles upon it again, they will remember you and they will think that you are a firm that continuously offers dependable content.

Developing relationships and winning instructions can take time

In the estate agency industry, it isn’t as if agents should expect to create one article and then hope to win instructions or make a sale. Property deals are some of the most important transactions people are involved in, so it is understandable that clients put a lot of thought and consideration into choosing who they work with.

Your content is the platform for being the firm that they decide to work with. If you create enough regular content that makes people think that you are a reputable firm that can be relied on, when the time comes for them to move, they will likely consider as their ideal choice of agent. This is the outcome that all agents should look for, and content has an important role to play in ensuring an estate agent is well-regarded by their audience.

At Agent Blogs, we know the importance of taking your consumer on a journey. A great blog post can have a positive impact on clients but to gain instructions, you will need regular content that delivers a lot to your consumers. If you are committed to taking your audience on a journey, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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