Different Type Of Facebook Adverts An Estate & Letting Agent Can Use

With Facebook ads offering estate and letting agents an opportunity to target their exact audience, it is easy to see why so many professionals in the property and rental market are keen to capitalise on this option. However, if you are new to Facebook ads, the process can seem overwhelming. Of course, it doesn’t have […]

Blogging To Showcase Your Specialist Skills

It takes a certain level of confidence or belief to be an estate or letting agent. It is often a challenging industry, and you need to be ready to face a lot of setbacks and even rejection. However, when you achieve success, it is a tremendous feeling. Most agents have developed a range of specialist […]

Blogging To Increase Volume Of Valuation Enquiries

One of the most popular, and effective lead magnets an estate or letting agent can offer is a valuation service. To maximise the impact of your valuation service, which allows you to collect contact details while showcasing your worth to a prospective client, you should promote this offer. Social media posts and ads are useful, […]

Blogging To Gain Trust With Vendors And Landlords

As an estate or letting agent, you know hard it is to connect with clients. The property and rental market are highly competitive. Prospective vendors and landlords have a lot of options to consider, so you need to make sure you provide them with reasons to choose from. When you are competing with other agents, […]

Blogging To Drive Traffic To Your Site

If you are looking to blog, you need to have a purpose. One of the most common reasons cited by estate and letting agents in setting up a blog is to drive traffic to your site. This is understandable. Most agents think that when a person lands on their site, they’ll see a great range […]