Strengthen relationships with local companies using blogs and videos

The importance of local knowledge and presence is crucial in the property market. Agents who operate in an area need to be recognised as a local agent who can be trusted and relied upon. Therefore, it is important for estate agents to be recognised as a company who works hard to support others and who […]

7 Ways to market your Estate Agency blog

Having a blog is a brilliant way to promote your companies services but if no one reads your blog, it offers no value or benefit. You need to make sure that people read your blog content, and this means estate agents have to market and promote their estate agency blog to maximise the return from […]

Estate Agents: Quality content is the key to your success

It is likely that you have heard that content is essential to drive traffic to your site and persuade potential customers that you are the estate agent they should trust. Content can develop your reputation, it can help you rank highly on search engines and it can win instructions, but it is important to realise […]

Why write about local house prices and rental yields for your Agency

There are many things that your agency can write or talk about, but you’ll find that creating content based on local house prices and rental yields is an excellent idea for your agency. People who are keen to use your services will have an interest in local house prices and rental yields, so it makes […]

Show your expertise with these awesome content ideas for your Agency

You know that your agency needs great content to drive traffic to your site and persuade people that you are a reliable firm, but where do you begin with content? Many people suffer from a sense of feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finding content but at Agent Blogs, we are here to assist you. […]