Turn your blogs into vlogs for maximum exposure

If you have blogs on your site, congratulations as blogs are an important feature in drawing traffic to your site and engaging your audience. However, if you are using blogs, did you know that you can get a lot more from this content by turning them into vlogs? If you are unaware of what is […]

Content for Estate Agents: Consumer Journey

When it comes to planning content or determining if developing and sharing content is a worthwhile strategy for your firm, it often helps to consider the content from your consumer’s viewpoint. When you consider the consumer journey and how this influences their relationship with your firm, you’ll see that excellent quality content that engages your […]

Regular fresh content helps your Search Engine Rankings

There are many aspects to consider in creating content with the intention of achieving strong search engine rankings, but regular fresh content is a must. All the leading search engines prize freshness and relevancy, so if you are looking to place your estate agency on the first page, make sure you are posting fresh and […]

Why Estate Agents should be story telling?

If you are thinking about the best way to connect with your audience, it is always best to tell a story. Throughout history, stories haven’t just been used for entertainment, they have been used to inform, educate and create connections between people. As an estate agent, it is essential that you get your message across […]

Reasons to have your blog on a separate domain name

While having a blog is something that is highly recommended for all businesses, there is a level of debate about where the blog should be located. There are some people who argue that the blog should be hosted on your website but there is also another school of thought. It may be that hosting your […]