How Personal Should Your Blog Content Be?

If you are writing a blog for your business, and you hope to connect with customers, you blog must be professional. This means you should focus on grammar, spelling, and you should create the right tone that matches your business brand. However, most businesses also understand it is vital for companies to create a personality […]

How Long Does It Take For Google To Index A New Site?

Everyone wants to be ranked on the leading search engines, and of course, Google is the number one search engine in the world. If your site or content isn’t showing up on Google, you are missing out on organic traffic, which can be hugely frustrating, and it also makes it more difficult and expensive to […]

Does Quality Beat Quantity For Blogs?

With so many sources highlighting the increasing word length of content ranking on the first page of Google for search terms, it is understandable that many people (and businesses) believe that longer is better when it comes to blog content. This suggests that quantity is the important factor, but of course, this is the answer […]

Do Your Business Rivals Blog?

In an ideal world, you would have no business competitors and everyone who was looking for a product like yours would choose your company. Of course, this is far from an ideal world, and if you are the only company who does remotely what you do, there is a very good chance there isn’t much […]

Blog Goals For 2022 – Set Them Now

New Year, New You, or so the saying goes. It is easy to see why so many people decide to make positive changes at the start of a year. There is no need to wait until January, but with so many people making alterations to their life (or business), there is considerable support. Therefore, if […]