Blogging To Gain Trust With Vendors And Landlords

As an estate or letting agent, you know hard it is to connect with clients. The property and rental market are highly competitive. Prospective vendors and landlords have a lot of options to consider, so you need to make sure you provide them with reasons to choose from.

When you are competing with other agents, it is natural you focus on you, and what stands you apart from other options. This is important, but by itself, it isn’t enough.

Your prospective vendor or landlord needs to know why the things that stand you apart from other property market professionals is of interest to them. Frankly, vendors and landlords don’t care if you are a very special person who everyone loves, they only care about letting their property or selling their home.

This is why blogging matters.

A blog article, or a series of articles, allows you to talk in greater detail about the ways you can help your client. When you focus on the needs of your audience, and you address them in a blog which showcases your skills, you go a long way to being the agent people trust.

Vendors and landlords want to know what you will do for them

While it can be fun to write blog articles, they must serve a purpose, and the purpose is driving traffic and winning clients. This is why the purpose of the blog must be aimed at the reader.

You need to talk about yourself, and your local area, but everything must be channelled towards your reader, and be of interest and benefit to them.

When you approach blogging with a focus of serving your reader, and addressing their concerns, it becomes a lot easier to achieve success.

Blog about your experience in the industry, that addresses their concerns

If you are an estate or letting agent with many years of experience in the industry, this is a good thing. If you have been doing something for some time, and you are still in business, people will accept you know what you are doing.

Therefore, experience is crucial for an estate agent when promoting themselves, but it must be relevant.

If your experience is in a local area, play up on this, and make sure people know you are a successful agent in their area.

If your experience is in helping landlords find tenants, vet tenants and then develop a long-term relationship where the tenant stays for some time, let people know. There are many landlords looking for this outcome, and your experience in this field will be the perfect match for them.

Blog about your track record in the local area, and talk about how this relates to your audience

Your track record is something that no other agent can claim. Other agents might have similar records, but the figures you have achieved give you something tangible to present to your audience.

This is why you need to create blog content that highlights your success, but only if you frame it towards new readers. If you only look back, and offer no context for the present day, it seems like gloating.

However, if you highlight your successes, and detail the reasons you achieved success, you create a platform for future vendors or landlords to feel confident about hiring you.

Blog about tricky sales or challenging lets, and show you can help others in the future

When things are going well, life as an agent isn’t too tricky. However, a great agent shows their skills when they achieve success in a difficult time, or when they sell or let an unpopular home or property in a questionable area.

If you have overcome adversity to achieve success, it is worth talking about. If you reach out to people in a similar position, and show you can help them achieve their property or rental goals, you will be their number one choice of agent.

Blog about the repeat customers who choose you time and time again, and provide confidence to prospective clients

Blogging is also a great way to pull together the reviews, testimonials and recommendations you receive from other people. Being able to showcase your credentials is crucial, but you’ll find the words carry a lot more weight when it comes from people like the vendors and landlords you wish to attract.

If you are an estate or letting agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to target and connect with prospective clients. At Agent Blogs, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate and letting agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to learn how great blog content helps you gain trust with vendors and landlords, ultimately winning you instructions in a challenging time, contact us today.