Blog Goals For 2022 – Set Them Now

New Year, New You, or so the saying goes. It is easy to see why so many people decide to make positive changes at the start of a year. There is no need to wait until January, but with so many people making alterations to their life (or business), there is considerable support. Therefore, if […]

Round-Up Articles Help Bloggers Reach An Audience

In general, it is easy to see why industry experts advise people to create a blog post on a single topic, or on a collection of well-connected topics. This approach is helpful when looking to achieve better search engine results, and it is also useful when pushing people towards your site. When you have a […]

Keyword Research Is Vital For Good Blogging Outcomes

There is a lot to be said for having fun with a blog post. When you write about a topic you love, the words can fly from your fingertips, appearing on the screen as fast as your brain can spill them out. When you are in this sort of zone, writing blog content is simple, […]

Blogging Frequently Delivers Better Results

Most people accept or understand that consistency in blogging is important, and it helps you achieve better results. This is something we have discussed before at Agent Blogs, and it is something we really believe in. However, consistency itself doesn’t concern itself with frequency. Writing and releasing a blog post for every business quarter is […]

Average Blog Posts Are Getting Longer

There was a spell when the standard blog post was 500 posts. This is a good amount of words to write, and it also feels like a good number of words for someone to read. Therefore, the people creating the blog content, and the reader, are catered for. However, things change. The number one reason […]