How to generate more property instructions by writing blogs

While an estate agency should have a number of aims for their business, one of the most important is to generate more property instructions. Quite simply, a property instruction is when a seller instructs an estate agent to sell their property on their behalf. This is the basis of most estate agents’ business, and this […]

Gain trust by writing quality content for Vendors & Landlords

As an estate agent, it is likely that you will work and partner with many professionals in your industry or sector. It is helpful to develop a good relationship with these professionals and there are a number of ways in which you can do this. With your blog, you shouldn’t only be focused on your […]

Generate more website traffic by writing blogs for your Estate Agency

While there are many reasons an estate agency should have a blog, generating traffic to their website is a key factor. Here are some of the main ways that your blog can generate more website traffic for an estate agent. Create content that is worth sharing, and people will share it While some professionals think […]

10 Awesome blog writing ideas for an Estate Agent

Estate agents will benefit from having a blog, in many ways, but a lot of agents struggle to know what to write about for their blog. If you have never created a blog before or you have never thought about what your audience wants to read about, it can be difficult to get started. There […]