Become a local property expert by writing about local house prices and local rental yields

If you want to be the estate agent that people trust or recommend in your local area, you need to become the local property expert. You should look to offer terrific value for money and highly efficient customer service, but these are often the attributes you offer after you have met a client or gained instructions.

To obtain instructions in the first place, you need to become the local property expert, and the content you share on your website and social media plays a huge role in how people judge you.

To be regarded as a property market specialist, it makes sense to write about the property market. If you respond to breaking news stories or offer an opinion on the leading aspects of the market, people will start to notice and turn to you for property news. With so many estate agents looking for attention in a competitive market, if you can showcase yourself as an expert, it stands to reason that you will receive more attention, receive more recommendations and you should be able to gain more instructions.

Your local audience wants to learn about local property matters

Of course, while it is good to show that you are aware of national problems and issues in the property market, this may not be of interest to your audience. The people who will come to you as clients will be more focused on the local property market. Therefore, you need to show that you understand the local property market and that you are an expert on local matters.

There are two key areas of the local property market that you can share valuable information on:

  1. Local House Prices
  2. Local Rental Yields

Buyers and sellers want to know what the most recent house prices for your area are. Even people who don’t intend to make a property move soon want to know about local property prices. Therefore, sharing local house prices and offering some insight into why they are at the level they are or what can be expected from them in the future is of great benefit to your audience.

Provide your audience with information that helps them decisions

Similarly, if you want to gain instructions from landlords, you need to provide landlords with the information they need to know. The rental yield for an area has an enormous impact on what a landlord can achieve, and this information should underpin the most important decisions a landlord makes. Therefore, if you want to become the local agent that provides landlords with valuable information that helps them run their business, offer local rental yields and insight into how the figures have been achieved.

Creating blog posts or video content that can be placed on your website and shared on social media is crucial in gaining instructions. You want to provide information that people need and you should do so on a consistent basis. Over time, people will recognise that you have an immense level of local knowledge about the property and rental market; and more importantly, you will offer information that your audience wants to know.

If you need any assistance in crafting local content that impresses your audience and confirms yourself as a local property expert, contact Agent Blogs and we will be more than happy to assist you.