8 Wicked blog ideas for a Letting Agent

A blog is a good idea for the vast majority of businesses but you need to ensure that you are populating your blog with the right content. If you don’t have a clue what you should write about or you want some exciting blog ideas, we are on hand to help letting agents out. Here are 8 wicked blog ideas for a letting agent.

Expected rental yields

One of the most important pieces of information for a landlord is the expected rental yield for an area. By providing this information, you are giving a potential client information that they need to know, which makes their life easier, and you will also showcase yourself to be a specialist in this field.

This is exactly the sort of outcomes from a blog that will ensure your letting agency is the one selected by potential landlords.

Interview with employees

It is always good for a business to showcase a personal side to their business and a letting agency is no different. By conducting an interview with an employee, you can describe your experience and expertise while you can also show a lighter or less formal side to your business. People who invest in property and then let it out are making a major commitment, so you want to show that you have the right sort of employees that these people can trust.

By showing the personal side of employees, alongside your business skills and professionalism, you showcase why you are the firm that can be trusted at all times. Many landlords will look to have a close working relationship with their letting agent and interviewing your employees provides a perfect starting point in developing a working relationship.

Interview or spotlight on a local business

A very good way to show that you are a local specialist is by talking about other local businesses. There are benefits in interviewing or promoting other businesses in that this firm is likely to share the content with their audience, helping to expand awareness of your firm, but a letting agency that supports the local community is one that can be relied upon. This means that there is a strong branding benefit from showcasing other firms in your community as opposed to always talking about yourself and your services.

Focus on local schools

While there are many important factors to consider when choosing to live in a particular area, the standard and availability of schooling has a big impact. This is why providing blog content on local schools, Ofsted reports and talking about catchment areas will be of interest to many people. This is great information for a landlord who is looking to buy property in the right area and it is also important for people who are looking to rent in an area that will be of benefit to their child or child’s education.

Tips on how to present a property to attract the right sort of tenant

You can speak directly to the landlord or investor by providing them with tips on how to make their property presentable to the right sort of tenant. This is very important information for landlords to have at their disposal and by providing this content; you will be regarded as a trusted source and a knowledgeable letting agent. This means it is more likely that a landlord will choose your letting agency to work on their behalf.

An update on the latest rules and regulations for landlords

There are many rules and regulations regarding rental property. By creating blogs based on the latest changes, you provide landlords with information that they need to know and you indicate that you are a firm with knowledge in this area. This means that people will trust you and would be more likely to enlist your services.

Guidance of obtaining a buy to let mortgage or taxation requirements for a landlord

Providing relevant information to your audience is always a good idea, and there are a number of different stages a landlord goes through. You can provide content that offers guidance on obtaining a buy to let mortgage to appeal to people who are considering being a landlord. With respect to taxation advice or guidelines, you’ll find that all landlords should want to keep up to date with these matters, so this is always advice that will be well received.

Property cleaning tips for landlords and tenants

Something that is always of benefit to landlords, and their tenants, is cleaning tips. Creating a blog with a range of cleaning tips, pre-let, during the let and post-let, provides a lot of important information that will help landlords and tenants make the most of the property. Providing this information allows you to develop a relationship with clients as they’ll realise you have knowledge and expertise that will be of value and benefit for every step of the process for landlords and tenants.

If you are a letting agent and you need awesome blog content, these 8 wicked blog ideas will give you a helping hand.

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