7 Ways to market your Estate Agency blog

Having a blog is a brilliant way to promote your companies services but if no one reads your blog, it offers no value or benefit. You need to make sure that people read your blog content, and this means estate agents have to market and promote their estate agency blog to maximise the return from the creation of the blog.

If you want to ensure as many people see your content as possible, here are 7 ways to market your estate agency blog:

  1. Social media content
  2. Social media advertising
  3. PPC campaign
  4. SMS marketing
  5. Email campaigns
  6. Leaflet Drop
  7. Local Paper

These ideas offer a mix of old and new options and of free and paid options, so no matter which approach you are keen to take in marketing your estate agency blog, there should be an option that appeals to you.

Social media content is ideal to promote your blog

The most obvious way to promote your blog is by sharing links on social media. Your audience wants to hear from you, so drive traffic to your website by sharing your content. You may find that creating teaser pieces or even short video clips highlighting the issues contained within the blog will help you drive more traffic to the site.

Social media advertising makes sense to promote your blog

Social media advertising allows you to target specific people in your area to see your content. The ability to only place content in front of people within a local area is a smart option that is worth considering but you can also drill down into other demographic issues, which should help you reach your audience with your content.

PPC campaign can successfully market your blog

The benefit of a PPC campaign is that you only pay when someone clicks a link and goes through to your blog. This provides a cost-effective way to promote your blog and of course, you can target who the link is placed in front of.

SMS marketing is an effective way of marketing your blog

With people attached to their phones, SMS marketing is highly effective. The open rate associated with text messages is higher than most other marketing methods, so this is an option that is worth considering if you want people to see your link.

Email campaigns ensure your blog is found by relevant users

Similarly, email campaigns have bee overlooked due to the rise of social media marketing but emails reach people and if you word the subject line right, you can experience a strong open rate.  With most people having email access on their phone these days, this style of promotion reaches people where they are, which means that you can achieve a viable opening rate with email campaigns to promote your blog.

Leaflet Drop campaigns can reach a local audience for your blog

If you are a local estate agent, your audience will be local, so it makes sense to have a local element to your marketing campaign. While there is rightly a focus on internet-based campaigns, you can still reach your audience in the physical world.

Putting leaflets through doors or handing them out in the local High Street will create awareness of your company and will hopefully persuade people to view your blog.

Local Paper promotion can drive traffic to your blog

Traditional print media marketing may be overlooked by many experts these days, but local paper articles and advertising provides an effective way to reach your local audience. An advert promoting your blog may be the most obvious way to utilise the power of local papers but why not ask if you can create a column or regular post in the local paper?

Many local papers are keen to have content created for them, and this can enhance your reputation and create awareness of what you do in the local community.

At Agent Blogs, we understand the importance of great blog content, but we know if no one reads the blog, it doesn’t offer any value or worth. When you have fantastic blog content, you want to make sure as many people view it as possible, and we can help you market your blog, so get in touch to ensure you engage and connect with your audience.

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