10 Awesome blog writing ideas for an Estate Agent

Estate agents will benefit from having a blog, in many ways, but a lot of agents struggle to know what to write about for their blog. If you have never created a blog before or you have never thought about what your audience wants to read about, it can be difficult to get started.

There are many things you can write about in your blog though, all of which will help you achieve some or all of the outcomes that are associated with a blog. An estate agent blog can:

  • Help you develop your brand amongst your audience
  • Find new followers and generate leads
  • Be seen as the local expert or obvious choice as a local estate agent
  • Drive traffic to your site

These are all great outcomes but to achieve them, you need a blog, and you need suitable content for your blog. Here are 10 awesome blog writing ideas for an estate agent.

Talk about schools in the local area

While there are many factors that influence the attractiveness of a particular area, the availability and quality of schools in the local area. People want to know what the schools are like before they move into an area, so this is information that your audience is looking for. If you provide a run-down of the local schools, any catchment information, Ofsted findings and anything else of note, you will provide a service that people want to read about.

Local house price data

Property owners and potential buyers all have an interest in the value and prices of property in a particular area, so again, this is a topic that people will find useful and informative. By providing local house price data, you give your audience what they want, you provide information that is likely to be shared on social media and by providing localised property content, you send out the right message to search engines about what you offer.

Local property yield data

On a similar note, many property buyers are looking to enter the buy to let market, which means that the expected rental yield data is of great interest to them. If you provide this information, you’ll have people coming to your site and they will consider your firm to be a specialist or expert in the field who clearly understands what people are looking for.

With both of the above topics, the research you do and figures you come across will also be useful for future articles, and your own knowledge. The property market places a great deal of importance on change and trends, so when you have figures and returns for a number of months, you can start to pull together analysis and insight into the changes.

An interview with company employees

A great idea for a blog is to interview one of your employees. Most people like to know that there is a personal side to your business and talking with employees allows you to showcase another side of your business. Whether you want to create a formal or more relaxed identity on your blog, the questions and answers can be shaped to develop the brand you want to present to your audience.

This sort of blog post can also help a company with any recruitment plans. If you showcase the fact that employees enjoy working for the company, that there is a career progression they can follow and actually outline the requirements of certain roles, this may help your firm to attract more people to your business in the future.

Comparison between two areas

People love comparison articles and there are so many things that an estate agent can compare when looking at two towns, cities or areas. House prices, transport options, restaurants, crime rates, schools and bars are just some of the options you can make a comparison on. When you post these articles on social media, you’ll find that people love to debate the findings, and this should help your content be seen by a wider audience.

A step by step guide on getting a mortgage/finding a house/being a first time tenant

No matter what a person is doing in the property market, it can be daunting. This is why you should provide guidance or assistance to these people. If you outline the different steps involved with a particular process, you’ll find that people consider your company to be a specialist in the field, and this can help develop a relationship between yourself and the customer.

Spotlight a local company

A blog shouldn’t just be about self-promotion, you should look to write about your area. There is a great deal to be said about showcasing the work of a local company you enjoy or have used in the past.

This style of blog is also good for showing that you care about the local community and want to support local businesses. There is a very good chance that the company you talk about will share the post with their audience, so you may get new followers from it. As an estate agent, you want to be recognised as a reliable and trusted name in your community, so talking about local businesses is always a good idea for a blog.

Home décor tips and latest trends

You don’t want your relationship with a customer to end when you help them move home because you want to be the company they turn to when they next move. This is why you should offer guidance that allows people to make the most of their home, or which allows them to add value to the property.

You can position yourself as a specialist for homes and property by offering home décor tips and providing insight into the latest trends in styling a home.

Seasonal gardening advice

On a similar note, offering seasonal gardening advice is a great way to provide information that your audience will use and benefit from.

Talk about the history or interesting buildings in your area

Another good way to position yourself as an estate agent with knowledge and links to your local area is to talk about the history of the area or spotlight an interesting building or two. Most people have an interest in the area that they stay in, and this is the sort of content that is appreciated and shared on social media.

When you know that blogging is important for your estate agent business but you haven’t got started yet, these 10 awesome ideas will help you get off to a flyer with your estate agent blog.

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Thanks for reading.

Ian Watson


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