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At Agent Blogs, we know that our clients are looking for content that promotes their business, welcomes guests, drives traffic, persuades people and creates the best possible impression of your estate & letting agency. This means you need content that does an awful lot and delivers every time.

We’re very pleased to say that we have a team of skilled writers with great experience of creating content for estate agents and their audience. The bespoke content we create will engage your audience while positioning yourself as the obvious choice in your market.

Call on Agent Blogs and allow us to share your voice with your audience.

Some examples of our quality work for clientsAgent Blogs creates great quality written and video content for our clients

The Agent Blogs Approach

We get to know YOU and YOUR BUSINESS

Content research

We know every estate agency has their own set of skills and personality, and it is vital that this comes across to your audience. This is why one of our team members will get in touch with you and discuss exactly what you are looking for.

By taking the time to know your writing requirements, you can be confident that we will provide the content that best represents your business and which appeals to your audience. Given the importance of your firm standing apart from your peers and rival agencies, it is vital that you have bespoke content that fits with your area, your brand and your audience. At Agent Blogs, we take the time to get to know you and your business objectives which provides us with the platform to create the best content for your needs.


There is a wide range of benefits that come from great writing, and we are more than happy to provide your business with content that generates results. Whatever you want to achieve, get in touch and we will ensure our writers create content with your main aims in mind.


It is likely that you will be very busy focusing on your clients and running your business, and this means that many agencies fail to utilise their content in the best manner. When you call on Agent Blogs, this isn’t a concern because we can help upload your content to your site. Our assistance enables you to focus on your core strengths and business activities while ensuring your content is distributed and utilised in the most appropriate manner.

Benefits of blogging with Agent Blogs

There are many key reasons why estate agents need fresh and strong content, including:

Gain trust & relationships with potential vendors/landlords

To showcase your authority and expertise in the industry

To drive more traffic to your site

To increase the volume of valuation enquiries you receive

To develop and increase awareness of your company

To be regarded as the local expert or specialist choice

Our Service Pricing

Content Writing Pricing
Number of Words
Blog Copy 100% unique search engine (SEO) friendly articles written by UK professional writers
Website Copy100% unique search engine (SEO) friendly copy for your website
Brochure CopyCopy for your printed brochures
Guides Pricing
Guide CreationMinimum of 1,000 words + minimum of 10 images
Videos Pricing
Video CreationThe video content pricing is based on content already written, either from Agent Blogs or client

Who We Are

Agent Blogs is part of The Agent Media Group, that assist 100+ estate and letting agents to generate more business through less work and effort. We want to help agents work smarter, not necessarily harder, and our team is perfectly placed to assist your business. The company has been operating since 2011 and this has enabled us to build an experienced team who knows what it takes to be a success with online marketing and in the digital marketing platform. We have a skilled team, some previously were estate agents that have a wide range of capabilities, including professional writers, website designers, digital marketers, and engineers, which means that our team can provide you with everything you need to make a positive impact. At Agent Blogs, we work hard to ensure you offer the best standard of customer service at all times.

We believe that online marketing has evolved significantly from traditional marketing, and that it is important to take a different approach in these mediums. Modern marketing is less about talking to or at clients and customers, more about engaging in conversation and listening. If you want your estate agency to be seen as a progressive and successful company in the digital age, we can help.

Ian Watson
Founder of Agent Blogs

Complex Marketing Made Simple

With content in the present day, it is important to not be tied down to concepts like posts or articles, modern content can be utilised in a wide range of ways. Our content can be used in the traditional manner such as blog posts or website pages, flyers, advertorial pages but content can also be distributed in your video output, in emails, and any way in which you speak to and with your audience. Many estate agents feel that modern marketing is fractured and complex, but we believe taking a universal approach to content ensures your agency provides a focused and uniform approach, that helps your audience understand you and get to know you better. We are highly adept at running digital marketing campaigns and we will be more than happy to help you engage with your audience.

At Agent Blogs, we aim to keep things simple, and as we take the brunt of the workload, you can focus on the important aspects of your business. We look to promote your brand and ensure that your company always acts in a professional manner. It is essential for estate agents operating in the digital era to offer trust, dependability and be seen as a reliable option. While we create content that will drive traffic towards your site and persuade people to choose you, our content will also make sure people see your estate agent as the number one choice in the local area.

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